Studies and services for all issues related to spatial and urban planning & design and survey

Business Scope

GEOCHOROS CONSULTANS SA is an expert planning consulting firm based in Thessaloniki, Greece. The firm provides urban and regional planning, urban design, surveying, research and land development consulting services to public- and private-sector clients. It was established in 2007 as a continuation of the Athena Yiannakou & Associates consultancy (established in 1990).


GEOCHOROS CONSULTANS LTD stands to the forefront of the planning profession in Greece and is staffed with highly qualified and experienced people who work collaboratively with clients, co-consultants, government agencies, the community and other stakeholders to ensure high quality planning for neighbourhoods, cities and regions. The firm has been involved in numerous planning and development projects for a wide range of central and local government agencies, other authorities of public interest and private clients.


It’s experience covers a wide range of small to large scale projects involving all forms and aspects of planning and spatial development. Some of these were also award-winning projects.

  • The firm’s main services concern:
  • Urban and Regional Planning Studies and Strategies
  • Land-use Plans, Master Plans and Amendments of the relevant documents
  • Urban Regeneration Studies and Strategies
  • Urban Design Projects
  • Spatial Impact Assessment
  • Surveying Studies
  • Land Development and Urban Management Studies